• Actress Regina Daniels Tells Fans To Wait For A Big Announcements From Herself And Her Husband ‘Ned Nwoko’.

Regina Daniels has been the hottest Nollywood actress with a romantic gist and reports ever since the teen veteran actress tied the knot with her billionaire husband, Prince Ned Nwoko. 

Regina Daniels and Prince Ned Nwoko 

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The billionaire has been spotted in the midst of many Nollywood celebrities and Nigerian musicians and he has as well been seen at spots where young couples hangout, in a romantic moments with his young wife.

However, the recent changes and the exciting lifestyle of Regina and Ned keep fans wanting more from them.

And, it seems like the actress is enjoying the attention as she continues to give fans something to excite them on her social media platforms. 

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Regina has been in the news for the better part of the years after it first surfaced that had tied the knot with a much older man.

Meanwhile, on the 10th-October-2019 which was the Actress Birthday, Nigerians recently debated over the actress’ real age, the debate began when Regina shared a photo on her social media handle to celebrate her birthday with the caption “Forever 16.

The young and beautiful actress has always been the topic of controversy when it comes to her age

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Many Nigerians said that she has celebrated her 16th birthday more than twiceaand it seen to be 16 in ever year same as this year, when she took to her page to claim that she is 16, writing the words forever 16 on her Instagram bio

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The Nollywood actress Regina Daniels has taken to her social media to alert her fans about a big announcement she will be making with her husband Prince Ned Nwoko in the coming days.

The young actress, who married 59-year-old businessman Ned Nwoko, made this known via her instastory a recent post shared on her Instagram story, the actress told her fans to expect a big announcement from herself and her husband and she asked fans to wait to hear the big news.

The teen actress, Regina has left her fans on the edge of their seats with her recent suspense post on instastory as she her asked her fans to wait for a big announcement from herself and her husband.

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Regina appears to have something up her sleeves and what could this be? Could this be what everyone expects from just married couples? as most fans could be thinking right now.

But we still don’t know what it could be, not until she breaks the News and make the announcements, until then we will know what the announcement she and Ned have to make.

On her Instagram story she wrote;

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“Hello fam! My husbnd and I have an announcment. Wait for it. 

See the screenshot below;

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