Naira Marley Will Be The Next After President Buhari.


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Entertainers have been known to have massive followers who are ready to go any length for them. Some of these celebrities could even contest for elections and win, based on the amount of followers they have.

This is why brands try to get them to endorse their products or services because of the influence they have.

One of such celebrities right now in Nigeria, is the controversial artist Afeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley.

The artist who is now one of the most sought after musicians in the country, has a strong loyal fan base who are known as the “Marlians”.

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This fan base goes beyond the country as persons beyond the border have continued to identify with the Marlian movement.

Naira Marley isn’t particularly the best personality in terms of imaging, due to the controversies surrounding him.

Not a lot of big brands would want him representing them in the angle of ambassadorship, because no brand wants its image to be dented by controversies, and they stay away from controversial issues and persons.

Normally, you would think that this would affect the growth and popularity of his music, but he is getting bigger by the minute.

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With all the criticisms that have come to him from both colleagues in the industry and some fans (who are definitely not Marlians), a lot of persons thought his rise to fame wouldn’t last long before he goes back to wherever he came from.

But Naira Marley has continued to prove doubters wrong as his Marlian nation continues to increase in population.

For those who might not be familiar with Naira Marley’s issues, the artist was earlier in the year arrested alongside Zlatan Ibile and some other persons, on charges of cyber fraud.

Zlatan was cleared but Naira Marley is still in court with the EFCC.

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Ironically, this happened after Marley and Zlatan (who are two of the hottest artists in the nation right now), released the song “Am I A Yahoo Boy? “. Looked like the song tipped the EFCC off and they swung to action.

At this moment, lots of persons tagged him a fraudster and thought he was going to rot away in jail.

More like his music has come to an end even before it started.

But the song continued to trend while he was still in EFCC’s net.

When he came out, he dropped another controversial song named “Soapy”, which caused stirs in the industry.

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Soapy built on the controversy surrounding it and became a major hit.

The song was criticized for promoting masturbation and the dance step wasn’t something professional dancers would be proud of.

Popular dancer, Kaffy had a rift with Naira Marley due to the song and Simi also condemned it too.

Funny thing is, the song went on to become number one on various music charts in the country.

Even though there was condemnation from people, the Marlians did not care as they continued to do the “Soapy dance”.

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Naira Marley has continued to survive his controversies and is showing that he can survive without the help of the conventional media, as long as he has his Marlians.

Even though his act is seen as immoral and not a good example to the youths, still his movement is getting stronger.

It’s more like he has an army and he is the president of that nation.

We all remember when Ruggedman was allegedly attacked by Marlians in London, due to speculations that Ruggedman was the one who reported Naira Marley to the EFCC.

That shows the sought of loyalty he commands from his fans.

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At this moment, Naira Marley seems to be even more popular than the President of the country.

Maybe, he should try contesting for the position of the president.

Since the Marlians have been getting him through, they might just be enough to put him in the seat of governance.

After all, he wouldn’t be the first to go from jail to As Rock.

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