• Why Tacha Blasts Back And Mocked Mercy. 

The reality TV show Big Brother Naija may have come to an end but the reality stars Big Brother Naija built is what can’t end, mostly Tacha and Mercy.

Mercy and Tacha “Big Brother Naija 2019 stars” 

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Though, Mercy and Tacha aren’t enemies, they aren’t best of friends either, shortly after the show end, they reconciled and everything seen to be fine with both housemates but all of a sudden it change back to the same day they almost get physical in biggie house. 

According to report few weeks ago Mercy got an endorsement deal with moet but barely 24hours when it was reported that the deal was unsuccessful. 

Mercy and Ike “Media Room Hub” 

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After Mercy and Ike Cover the front page for Media Room Hub, in a short interview video surfaced online Mercy said;

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It is better to be evicted than to be disqualified on the big brother naija show because disqualification is nothing but a disappointment to those that has been voting for the housemate

Following 2019 Big Brother Naija season 4 ‘Pepper Dem Edition’ Tacha was the only housemate to be disqualified from the show.

Mercy saying “it is better evicted than disqualified” means a shade at Tacha.

Tacha in return share a video to mock Mercy too over her unsuccessful endorsement deal with moet.

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The reality star, Tacha, seems to have taken to her Instagram page to take a swipe at her fellow housemate, Mercy who won the big brother naija 2019.


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Tacha in the video that has emerged online could be heard saying;

“we need more of video, video Moët”

Tacha seem to be mocking Mercy over her reportedly unsuccessful endorsement deal with Moët & Chandon Champagne.

See the post on Instagram

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In the video Tacha shared, taking a glass of what appears to be champagne, while mocking Mercy saying, “We need more of video, video Moët”.

Many thought the ‘beef’ between the two ex-housemates was settled after a video circulated of them reconciling shortly after the show ended.

The ‘beef’ might have been reignited after an interview in which Mercy stated that it was better to be evicted than disqualified in the Big Brother House.

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