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Bus driver praised for returning a missing iPhone


According to yabaleftonline report, a Local bus driver has been hailed on social media after he proved that honest people still exist as he returned a missing Iphone to the owner.

Apparently, the owner of the phone was oblivious of the fact that his phone had slipped from his pocket and long after he got off the vehicle, he realized and decided to call the phone. 

Luckily the driver picked the call and his phone was returned.

Sharing a photo of himself and the honest driver, he wrote;

I took a bus from ife to Ibadan today , on getting to Ibadan I didn’t notice my iPhone dropped already inside the bus.

Despite the fact that I was off already this driver saw the phone charged it and kept it on, on till I called.

He picked up the call when I called and returned my phone. I cudnt believe it. All thanks to Mr Raheem for this good deed.
Source: yabaleftonline.com

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