Teddy A Accused Of Beating And Abusing Bambam

Teddy A accused of beating and abusing Bambam

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Reality TV star, Teddy A has been dragged into a serious scandal after a blogger accused him of domestic violence against his wife Bambam.

Teddy A and Bambam who their wedding crremony was one of the sweetest weddings to witnessed this year are said to be facing marital difficulties although it remains mere allegation at the moment.

According to popular Instagram blogger Cutie_Julls, Teddy A should consider it a priority in his new year resolutions to stop laying hands on his wife Bambam.

She wrote,

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Dear @iamteddya, you know I don’t hate you. 

All I’m saying is refraining from beating Bambam should be priority on your new year resolutions. 

That one na bad thing? See your fans here, especially the women using abusive languages on me just to encourage a fellow woman to keep mute and continue forming in an abusive relationship. 

Something most of them will not condone.
Honey, tell them to stay off o.

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Because remember you beating Bambam is no lie. 

I am not saying she should leave you. All I am saying is please kindly stop beating her. 

Merry Christmas my dear. 

Now tell your fans to keep their comments clean without insults. 

Not like I care but just because it’s Christmas. Thank you.

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