Muslim female fan Captured Praying Hard For Wizkid At The Holy Kabba In Mecca


The clip of a fan praying hard for Wizkid during an Islamic pilgrimage is one of the most mind-blowing videos you would ever see.

There’s one thing you cant take away from Wizkid- his fans.

They are one of the strongest fan bases in the country and would not hesitate to rip anyone that dares come against their beloved apart.

In a video that has gone viral, a fan took her stunning to a whole new level just to show how far she would go for her fav.

In the video, the female fan who was in Mecca for the annual Islamic pilgrimage.

Hajj was captured calling the singer’s full name and fervently praying for the “Fever” singer.

To prosper in all his endeavors and also prayed for Wizkid FC home and away.

See the video below:

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