Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr. P – “Take It” Another Hit!

Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr P – “Take It

Popular Nigerian music star, Rudeboy (Paul of P-square) dropped a new single just last week and its a bomb.

This new explosive is titled “Take It” and everyone is already feeling the heat from his Fire Department.

Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr P – “Take It" Another Hit!
Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr. P – “Take It” Another Hit!

Rudeboy entertains us with his pon pon sound yet again, just like he did last year with ‘Reason With Me‘ which was one of the biggest songs of 2019.

Why you need to listen to “Take it“.

Take It” is a song that talks about Rudeboy’s generous love to his lady.

Loving his woman with all that he got, handling over the two most important things in a man’s life (i.e Money and Heart) to her.

Rudeboy starts the song first by admiring and acknowledging his woman’s body shape and beauty…

Firstly we all know these are the two things in a lady that attracts a man and make him fall (some turn mumu).

Guess that why the next that came to Rudeboy’s head was to tell her;

If You Want My Money, Take It, Oh Baby Take It oh..” then later rendering his Heart also just to own her finally.

On the first verse of this song, King Rudy recognizes most previous home/marriage/relationship breaks/collapse.

Because of some carelessness and he is not ready to let that happen so he implores his lady not to beg any man for anything.

Cause he is ready to give her whatever she wants, be it money or lovemaking, steady just to please her.

Also he is a Jealous type so he doesn’t want to get hurt.

Rudeboy in the second verse pledges the more to take good care of his lady.

This time around with money emphasizing on spoiling her with money is all that matters.

This part brings back the memories of P-square’sChop My Money’ song.

Why KIng Rudy is better Asset Than Mr. P.

Rudeboy Is A Bigger Asset Than Mr. P – “Take It” Another Hit!

The structure of this song ‘Take It‘ proved yet again that Paul of P-square is a fantastic songwriter than his twin brother, Mr. P(KingRudy Is Music Himself).

He was the brain and mastermind behind most of P-square’s hit songs back then.

Also, the arrangement of the song; Chorus, Verses, and bridges is just perfect.

This is a song that will always stay on Repeat and won’t bore or dull you.

Rudeboy has proven his talent and capacity last year with ‘Reason With Me’, this new one is to shut those that still feel they can match him up with Mr. P.

Peter (Mr. P) is a no match to Paul (Rudeboy), as a matter of fact, I think its a disrespect to kingRudy’s name pairing Mr. P with him for who is better at music.

If You Disagree To This Fact and Feel Mr. P is still the best from the music duo.

You can share your thoughts below and for those that Agrees with the above statement/fact.

Second (stand with) the article/fact also indicates in the comment section below and let us settle this once and for all.

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